At Adventures of Escaping, only about one-fifth of groups are able to solve every puzzle.

Communication, Collaboration, and a Willingness to Work Together. That's what it takes to solve the puzzles and escape the room within 60-minutes. Each of our rooms immerses players in a fun and thrilling, real-life game scenario with an ever dwindling time limit. You can book one of our current games below...

Man In The Woods - (our version of Slender Man) - Difficulty Level 9/10

Adventures of Escaping in Millville NJ escape room game Man in the Woods

Legend has it there's a man in the woods who has no face. Children are mysteriously compelled to seek him. Those who return have no memory of who or what they saw. You and your group must seek his face and find the truth, without falling victim to the man in the woods.

The Classics - Difficulty Level 7/10

Adventures of Escaping in Millville NJ escape room game Home Alone

You and your friends are chillin' in the local arcade. There's a beat up, old machine from decades gone by in a dusty back corner. Drop goes the token to see if it even works. Tap tap tap on the start button. Nothing. Until you all look around and find yourselves in a world of video games! Wanna find your way back to the arcade? Try your best to level up by solving puzzles and riddles before it's game over and time runs out!

SAVE the OCEAN! - Difficulty Level 5/10

Adventures of Escaping in Millville NJ escape room game Save the Ocean

Did you know the Atlantic Ocean formed during the Jurassic period? We'll bet there's a lot you may not know about that giant drop of water along New Jersey's east coast! Our latest adventure will submerge you and your crew — under the sea — to get a closer look at our fantastic, aquatic friends! This escape room experience gives participants a tour of Atlantic Ocean wildlife and is filled with fun facts and puzzles. It's sure to excite and engage the marine biologist in all of us!