Your Challenge Awaits!

 Escape rooms are all the rage and a great way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. You and your crew will be locked inside an Adventures of Escaping - fun and challenging - event room with no easy exit. The group must work together to discover clues hidden around the room in a combined effort to find a way out to freedom.

Ssssh... (secrets below)

Don’t tell our big franchise competition, but we’ve snuck in on their games to evaluate the experience! The #1 thing we didn’t jump for joy about was being automatically grouped with people we didn’t know during the time slot we paid for! That’s why we’re making it a point to tell everyone that when you book a game at Adventures of Escaping, the room is exclusively yours! We truly want each player to have a fun and memorable experience! And since we’re one of the only privately owned and family operated escape rooms in South Jersey we have the ability to do just that! Escape rooms offer a great way to connect with friends, family and co-workers and our exclusive, private bookings are the best way to go!


We will be closed October 27 and 28!

New Room! Man in the Woods. This is one game you'll never forget! Or will you??